Game Flight Düsseldorf - Palmade Mallorca

A round-trip flight

At Düsseldorf Airport in Germany, you’ll board our game plane‚ well-stocked with free snacks and coffee‚ tea and soft drinks. All systems are Go for a flight to (drumroll…) PALMA DE MALLORCA! Pack a pair of shorts, just in case. Temperatures on the Baleares islands can still reach 20 degrees in November.

Onboard gaming

The seatbelt signs go out, the game is on. Bring out your laptop, connect to our broadband internet and log in to our inflight gaming league. It is time to separate the bumblebees from the sky masters in the first of our qualifying rounds. Try to look your best because we stream the whole thing live to planet Earth. We recommend a nonchalant expression that says: Nothing to see here, peeps. I do all my gaming at 30,000 feet.

Qualifying rounds at the venue

Soon after touchdown‚ we drive you to our gaming arena. Take five and settle in‚ but don’t get too comfortable. The qualifying rounds are about to continue. Keep yourself hydrated and your energy level in the green with free drinks and a free BBQ or buffet lunch.


Many of you fought valiantly‚ in the air and on land. In the end however‚ only two shall be left standing to fight for everlasting glory in our finale. When the dust has settled‚ will you be that champion? If so‚ we will honour you (and four runners-up) with praise and prizes.

No time for tears

Back to the airport we go! We board our plane and leave Mallorca behind. In a plane full of hard-core gamers‚ a friendly battle is sure to break out here and there. Alternatively‚ count your free goodies‚ share your unique digital badge or try to casually bump into one of the pro gamers we invited to come along. Then say your goodbye’s. Be strong and try to keep those eyes dry. It’s goodbye; not farewell. New flights, new adventures and new encounters are on the horizon…

• round trip ticket to Palma de Mallorca
• bus transfer to venue
• Game onboard with 150 Game nuts & pro gamers
• Game event in Palma De Mallorca
• meet & greet with pro gamers
• free food and drinks with a BBQ and/or buffet
• free goodies and digital badge