Galaxy Duel, a collectible cardgame comming to Gladi8tor platform in 2020

Galaxyduel is a turn based collectible cardgame specially developed for the aviation industry and can be played in a connected and non connected environment and can be played on almost any IFE system. The storyline of the game is to qoncuer the universe galaxy by galaxy.

It’s a 1p vs 1p game where players use a decks of 25 cards lead by a selected hero who has special abilities. Winning matches will get you gold and gems and rewards in the form of new cards.

Galaxy Duel

Players can then buy new boosterpacks of new cards through microtransactions in the game and can customize and improve their decks. The game features several features between the real and digital world. Physical cards can be scanned and added to the game. The game has fis own marketplace where cards can be traded and new cards can be bought. The game modes are Single play (vs AI), Ranked matches, casual gameplay and drafted matches.

Galaxy Duel

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