We bring the bandwith, you bring the games

Game developers and publishers can benefit in a number of ways from a collaboration with Gladi8tor. First and foremost, our system comes with a fast, high-capacity internet connection for state-of-the art gaming. Free of charge for passengers (and you of course), courtesy of Gladi8tor.

Raise your revenue

With a couple of hours to themselves, passengers already fan of your game will be delighted to be able to continue where they left off on the ground. They might even make some in-game purchases to spice up their game and pass the time. Best case scenario, though: passengers unaware of your game on lift-off and avid fans on touch-down!

Raise your profile

In addition to scheduled flights, Gladi8tor will regularly organize dedicated game flights to and from all-inclusive game events. The flights and events are streamed live on various social channels and covered by bloggers and members of the press. If you have a game that needs some extra exposure, we can expose it for you like never before.

The first flights are scheduled for October. Contact us and let's see if we can accommodate you and let you experience the possibilities for yourself.

The best Beta test: release it from 30,000 feet

What better way to beta test a new game or a new level than with a plane full of your most passionate fans? Bring your developers and experts to quiz the testers up close and personal. Invite the media to cover the event. Gladi8tor will take care of everything else you may require.