Engage the next generation in its natural habitat

Game enthusiasts have a number of traits in common that make them an interesting target audience.

Committed and loyal

Especially loyalty to certain brands can reach near-religious levels. "When I game, my snack has to brand X, my gear has to be brand Y... etc."

Willing to try new things

The aforementioned loyalty is somewhat contradicted by a shared ambition or competition to be the first to try and master a new brand or game.

Active and interactive on social media with large, highly involved audiences

Apart from the ‘traditional’ social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, gamers are active on dedicated platforms, most notably twitch.tv, where tournaments are broadcast live to sometimes thousands of followers.

Nearing - or at the point of - financial independence

The common stereotype of a gamer being a spot-faced kid in the family basement with a baseball cap backwards is becoming rapidly obsolete. More and more, the gamer demographic includes decision influencers and financially independent individuals.

Branding & Sponsoring Opportunities

Depending on the selected gameplay the available options/opportunities sponsoring include (but are not limited to):

- visual branding of the game/tournament. For example, items within the game can be replaced by a sponsor's product.

- collected scores redeemable as prizes, discounts sponsored by one or more brands.

- branded social channels on which scores and in-game events are shared.

- loyalty promotions: game-related collectables (i.e. game cards).

- (temporarily) branded aircraft livery (specialty flights)

Incorporating the Inflight Gaming League, the design of the Gladi8tor platform is further optimized for third party branding and sponsoring. Players' live streams on the platform for example, can be branded. This goes for person-to-person matches/battles, tournaments and (specialty) gaming flights.

One-on-one matches

These are simple challenges between two passengers on the same or different flights.


Organized, multi-level and multi-tier games between multiple (groups of) passengers/players.