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    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to release on PC and consoles May 14th

    The Mass Effect series will be rereleased on May 14th as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. For this remake/remaster, the seminal science fiction trilogy is revamped with 4K Ultra HD graphics, including HDR support, 60FPS image refresh rate on Xbox Series X, PC and PS5 and many other graphical enhancements. 

    BioWare’s Mass Effect was first released in 2007, followed by Mass Effect 2 in 2010 and part 3 concluded the RPG trilogy in 2012. The series was lauded as one of the most riveting space opera’s in gaming history, with part 2 especially receiving many awards, including the Spike Video Game Awards Best Game of the Decade award.

    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition contains all the bits of DLC that came out for the three games, including Story, Armor and Weapon packs, which adds up to more than 40 pieces of content. Besides many visual enhancements, BioWare also improved upon the trilogy’s gameplay and Artificial Intelligence, while offering more consistency between the three instalments.