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    Microsoft may be offering a family plan for Game Pass in the future

    When asked on Twitter if Microsoft would ever consider a more beneficial way of subscribing to Game Pass as a family, head of Xbox Phill Spencer replied by saying that “It’s something we’d like to do”. Xbox Game Pass is considered one of the best subscription services in video games, but isn’t yet offering a package deal of some kind.

    As for now, a Xbox Game Pass subscription is solely bound to one Xbox account, and since it’s impossible to use one account on multiple consoles at the same time, the service cannot be used by more than one family member simultaneously. Splitting the costs between several users (family or not) would mean a significant decrease in costs per user.

    Naturally, the reply from Phill Spencer is a far cry from a confirmation. But the fact that Spencer is willing to discuss the matter openly, could definitely mean Microsoft is working on it.