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A large selection of
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Introducing the world’s first inflight platform made for gaming and generating revenue.
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Inflight gaming made possible & profitable
Gladi8tor brings competitive gaming to passengers. With a unifying gaming & casual eSports platform, Gladi8tor will allow passengers to play the game of their choice with each other, against each other and save, share and redeem their scores.
Get access to games and more
Gladi8tor’s inflight gaming platform offers; Games, Streams, News and League Play.
Launch your games at 30.000 feet
Create more revenue from your games. With millions of active daily passengers worldwide, Gladi8tor is the place to bring your game on board of airlines. Build a new global audience with passengers.
Raise your revenue
Game developers and publishers can benefit in a number of ways from a collaboration with Gladi8tor. Like advertising, ingame advertising and branded (mini)games. Get in touch for more opportunities.
Engage the next generation
  • cater to the growing market of millennials
  • engage a next generation of decision makers
  • gather data on customer demographics and preferences
  • proliferate your brand promotions through Gladi8tor
The Gladi8tor platform is optimized for third party branding, advertising campaigns and sponsoring.