Choose your game. Build your legend. Monetize your skills.

This is Gladi8tor: the place where destinies will be fulfilled, where prodigies will unveil themselves and where legends will be immortalized.

Too heavy-handed for you? Then how about this: next time you fly, you will be able to play your favorite hand-held game at a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet. Against someone three rows back. Or against someone on a different flight on the other side of the globe.


Game flights

Just picture it: you and a plane full of other game nuts slicing the stratosphere and gaming to your heart's content. That is exactly what Gladi8tor and its partners have in store for you. It might be the first time ever you hate for a flight to be over. But you won't. Because as soon as you land, we drive you to our event venue for more gaming, free drinks, free food and free accommodation. When it's time to go home, we will get you back on a flight with... you guessed it: more gaming. We will invite some of the biggest names in pro gaming to join. more info

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Upcoming Game Flights
Palma de Mallorca from: Düsseldorf - Palma de Mallorca Including: • round trip ticket to Palma de Mallorca
• bus transfer to venue
• Game onboard with 150 Game nuts & pro gamers
• Game event in Palma De Mallorca
• meet & greet with pro gamers
• free food and drinks with a BBQ and/or buffet
• free goodies and digital badge
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